Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Christmas Party!!

Yayyyy..... I can't wait for our office Christmas Party on the 24th!!

Planning is a bitch and I wish I can just sit and play. But I'm glad the Christmas campaign was a success and everyone's baby photos look so cute on our tree! Party catering courtesy of The Royals. Yummylicious.... :D

Will take a Christmas video soon with everyone's wishes. I think it'll be quite funny considering all the clowns we have here! Hahahahahha...

I loveeeeee presents.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009
Saving is hard.

It's hard to save.

Really really hard. Really.. really.. REALLY hard.


Meeting Jennifer for dinner and shopping!! ^_^

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Sunday, December 06, 2009
Too fast to live

Oh my goodness.. That was a weekend in a flash. LOL..

It's Monday tomorrow. No boss for a whole week! Have fun in Hawaii boss! :)

Sending out an e-mail blast to the company regarding Christmas tomorrow.. Can't wait to see my plan in motion! People will start visiting the very sad looking Christmas tree at our lounge.. Hahaha... Does anybody else think we need a new Christmas tree? Come onn....

Mun Mun has some announcement to make. Wah lau eh... What announcement man... Hahahaha... Nvm.. >.<

I have flu and I have sore throat. I wanna scratch my throat. It's itchy.

Hmmm... I wonder how my sister's Standard Chartered run went. Is she alive?

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009
. . . . .

It's a boring day.

It's such..... a boring day.

It just feels... soooo.... incredibly boring!


I'm not looking forward to home. There are no parents. There are no food. I have to do all the housework for 3 men. Nobody has enough sense to wash the dishes. Zero sense to empty the rubbish bin. No sense to clean ANYTHING around the house. And absolutely, ABSOLUTELY, no sense at all to even put the newspaper at the right place. And leave clothes outside the toilet too.

I live in a smelly, disgusting, pig sty.

Office is a much better place.

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Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm back.

I missed writing too much. Hahaha.. ^_^

Ok so new job (3 months in actually), fresh start, so no more "Aloha" and all that. I'll just start off with whatever I feel like starting off with. Hahaha..

Work has been good to me so far. Workload is pretty crazy but manageable. Would not be surviving my work-days without my colleagues. :D

Went for a 10km run with the company on Sunday. Run For Hope. Organizers were lousy though. Race did not start on time. Lol... But it was a good run. I'm glad my legs are not aching at all. I've been working out leh.. Hahahaha.. Stop telling me I'm too skinny coz I'm not. I eat a lot and I look fine. Booooo @ you.

Meanwhile, some fun office pictures!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

It's been a rainy month.

I love it. Rainy days are good.

And I'm going shopping!!!!! Today and tomorrow. I've been very calculative lately and I think I'll go crazier counting my spendings then deciding what dress to buy. Sigh... But there is no better feeling in this world than SHOPPING. Omg.. The feelings and emotions and thrill... OHH!!!!!

And lastly, please do not rain on Sunday. :(

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Friday, June 26, 2009

He sang to our hearts, danced to our eyes, and wrote for our soul.

R.I.P MJ. Know that you have inspired kids who'd jump on the bed dancing to Black or White, hurt ankles trying to do the moonwalk, and the same kids who have grown into adults with Heal The World embedded in their hearts.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
A Long Walk in The Wrong Outfits

Met up with old friends on Saturday. I haven't seen them since I was 17! 8 years mann... Relishing all those embarassing secondary school moments. My gawd..... Hahahaha.. Went for a morning movie (11am leh... Coz we got free tickets. LOL..). And yes Land of The Lost is hilarious!!! That mosquito bite was memorable. Hahahhaha...

So then after a filling lunch and bloated tummies, Sulas had this brilliant idea of going for a walk to Mount Faber to see the Henderson Waves. I'm a walker so I had no qualms. I just wished I was in the right clothes!!! We were carrying handbags and she was in her slippers and dress, and we swayed and sweated as we walked from Harborfront all the way up to Mount Faber. It was hilarioussss..... Hahaha.. Clothes were taken off, blisters were developed, skirts were shortened, and then we had some guy along the road playing the sax. Omg it was incredible. LOL.....

Went to Orchard Road after that to get Sulas's friend her bdae gift. So kinky leh!! Hahahaha... Further elaboration on MSN if you're interested. Went Indochine @ Wisma afterwards. Realised that Cats in The Cradle wasn't as good as I thought. Cover of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" was pretty horrendous. That aside, their guitar skills were pretty credible. So credits for that.

The night ended on a very very very dramatic note. Hahahaha... It's ok Sulas!

Me and Asri. LOL...
To think we were almost the same height in our prom pic!

Me and good 'ol Sulas. Full of drama and crack. I likeee!!

Pictures from Riyan's wedding on Sunday. I just realized how horrifying my hair is.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Omg!! I got cancelled on!

Had supper yesterday at Changi Airport, had latte which was totally a wrong idea. Got home close to 2am. And I could not sleep. So from 2am to 8am all I did was lie on my bed and just stare. And turn. And stare. And turn.

Got out of bed at 8am coz was supposed to meet friends at 10am. So showered, got ready, slap on make-up, and voila!

*beep. beep*


Omggggggg... I've been awake 24hrs and I got cancelled on. Hahahahahha... Aiyoh.. Such luck. I'm too lazy to change my clothes or wipe off my make-up now. Here's hoping someone will reply my series of sms-es and ask me out.


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Sunday, June 14, 2009

My life leaves little space for sadness.
My life leaves lesser space for cowardice.
My life leaves an even smaller space for low self-esteem.

This bright sunshine is growing darker by the day.
And getting smeared in every possible way.
Tonight, the long hidden rain has fallen.
To wash away the smears and lighten the burden.
And leave it with one last hurdle.
To set upon a new road and a new challenge.

Tomorrow shall be a new day.
That brings with it a new shine and a brighter ray.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holey shmoley... My ikemen movie is outtt... :)


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Thursday, June 04, 2009
Pop to Queen

The studio version makes more sense. Hahahaha...

And how in the world did Adam Lambert make a poppish-typical-idol-tune sound so Queen-ish?! Truly amazing.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Sucker for live talent shows

American Idol Final 2 showdown was pretty hot.

Although pictures of Adam Lambert making out with his gay partner conveniently surfaced recently, I STILL think he's hot. Hahahaha.. No I'm not a fag-hag.

Here's hoping Adam Lambert wins coz I think he's like a botox-ed Steven Tyler. Hahaha.. Ok no. I think Adam is a superstar. And that final song, was bad. American Idol should change the genre of their Idol singles. It's always the same hills and mountains and wind and dreams bullcrap. Even Simon thinks so.

I hope we'll see Kara DioGuardi sing at the finale. She's an amazing singer.. At least she knows what she's talking about when she's judging. Hahahaha... Paula and her "your pitching was a little wrong but you're beautiful", what the heck does she know about pitching? *rofl*

The Gay vs The Worship Leader. I say BRING IT ON!! 8am tomorrow morning!

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Quiet baby

Crying nephew?

Stuff mango into his mouth. *ROFL*

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Monday, May 18, 2009

"Live the dream, or LEAVE the dream."

I am poor and I hate it.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
The Book Cafe

Hi, I'm writing from The Book Cafe at Muhammad Sultan. My batt is dying and the last thing I'm doing now while at 23% is to write an entry. Hahaha... See I looove my blog.

So I have an interview on Saturday. Yayness! So the ratio of applications to interview is 23 : 1..

OMGGGG how did my batt droop to 2%?!!?!

Ok I'll update everything else tonight. Ciao.


Ok I'm back home. OMGGGGGGG.. I just remembered something. I dunno where the list of my newsletter subscribers are. OMFG. I've written the letter and now I dunno where the list is. In one of the boxes at the storage??? Omggggg... I will be killed. My shoulders are aching from delivering newsletters like some kangaroo with a fat sack and now I just wanna roll in my bed and die. Omgggg. Time to deal with it. I have to tell the big woman next week when I meet her. That I need to go back to storage and look through the boxes. Wah lau eh.. Really damn suay.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Koh Pi Been

I feel like a nomad.

I can never ever do proper work at home, so one day I'm at Starbucks with Trevor, and another day I'm at Coffee Bean by myself. And then other days I TRY to work at home, and I end up doing everything BUT work. Hahahaha.. I'm hopeless am I not?

And then there's this weird girl from a japanese publication who interviewed me sometime last year for a writing job. One year later, she calls me all of a sudden and was all like "Oh I saw you at town the other day! How are you??? We should meet up and catch up!" I'm like "Err... okaaaay.." You see I've gotten wary of people like these coz I've had friends who basically ignore your existence and all of a sudden wants to meet up for no reason other than selling you something. Well you guessed it, insurance.

So this weird girl after numerous unanswered calls called again for the upteenth time and I finally decided to meet just to get her to.... you know, not call again. And she gave me a weird address. Some building and some unit. So dear old Trevor to the rescue, did a little research amongst his network and we finally found out that she was working for some insurance company.

Man... Seriously. These people.

I know it's a job and all that, but I think people turn sort of annoying as a result of it. Almost.... evil. They forge closeness and "Oh I haven't seen you in a while!" and "How are you? We should meet up!" and all that hoo-ha, when in the end they don't give a flying rat's ass what or how you're doing but they just want to sell their insurance. Yeah whatever.

On a different note altogether, this place kinda smells. Maybe coz of the food exhibition they're having outside.

I haven't got my pay by the way. Amazing huh?

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pole dancing baby. Omo omo... So sexy.

Don't faint girls.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

So yesterday was our last day at office. The office is shifting. And we're office-less in May. Which means it's working-from-home month! And for me, it's also job-hunting month. There's no more reason to stay. I'm wasting my time. Although in this economic crisissy period I doubt I'll be able to score a job in one month. Haha...

So here we go, my last bus ride on 854. Pictures courtesy of my LG Viewty. It's pretty kickass.

Leaving Yishun interchange. I will miss excusing myself on escalators just to get on the 8.45am bus. Lol

Going along the endless Yio Chu Kang Rd. This is the part where I usually fall asleep so these pics are the first time I've seen too. Haha..

By the time we reached Hougang, it started raining. :(

Man with green umbrella who's usually seated at the bus stop waiting for his bus. Today he's wearing a matching tee.

Construction of the new Circle Line.

The recycling dump place where they recycle metals.

The biiiig Extra Space building which has been my landmark as the "building before the bus stop to alight"

Our office building. So-called "Asia's Biggest Car Mart". Hahaha.. I still think it has failed miserably in making one feel privileged to be in this building.

The ulu fastest way to the lobby lifts.

AND SO....... lunch was................

My beloved Ayam Penyet and homemade ice lemon tea!!! ^_^

Free labour. Cheap labour. Over labour. Expensive labour.


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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
We need Finance!

See this is what happens when a company doesn't have any accounts person to handle payments.

Angry people keep calling poor company. Poor company becomes angry, and angry people become poor. And the person picking up the call becomes the liar. Hahaha... Awesomeness.

It's pretty unlucky to be picking up phone calls you know. Die phone line. Dieeee..

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